ITIDA Highlights Software Development as Most In-Demand in Egypt's ICT Job Market

17 April 2024

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has released a comprehensive report highlighting the most in-demand jobs in Egypt's IT and Offshoring sector. Drawing insights from the latest two ITIDA Employment Fairs (IEF), which saw participation from nearly 125 local and multinational companies between October 2023 and March 2024, the data reveals key trends shaping the job market.

The report indicates that software development roles (full stack developers -software testers - cloud engineers) top the charts, accounting for over 58% of the 3200 job openings offered by the IT companies in Egypt. Following closely are job roles in the IT Management and Artificial Intelligence/Data Science, each comprising 9% of available opportunities.

Furthermore, the IT infrastructure roles make up more than 7.5% of the offered jobs, while Information Security positions stand at 4.4%, Data Analysis at 3.7%, and Digital Arts at 3.2%. Telecommunications Engineering jobs account for 2.4% of, while Research and Development positions represent 1.15%.

In the same context, English (49% of jobs), German (23%), French (14%), and Italian (13%) emerge as the top languages in demand by call center and business process outsourcing business.

"The increased diversity of participating companies in ITIDA's job fairs reflects the industry's promising trajectory and the array of job opportunities available," Engineer Ahmed ELZaher, CEO of ITIDA, commented.

ITIDA CEO underlined that opportunities in the IT sector extend beyond Engineering and Computer Science graduates, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in hiring practices. He emphasized the vast opportunities within Egypt's ICT sector and ITIDA's commitment to fostering connections between young talent and industry players.

"Doubling Egypt's digital exports signifies a strategic priority in ITIDA's agenda," ELZaher added, noting that the offshoring industry in Egypt achieved a growth rate of 54% last year, driven by the entry of new multinational companies and the expansion of existing businesses in the Egyptian market.

ITIDA's Employment Fair (IEF) serves as a platform to link qualified students and graduates with job openings in various ICT specializations while promoting employment awareness among Egyptian youth and facilitating access to opportunities within the Egyptian IT sector.

Providing a comprehensive, open ecosystem, ITIDA's Employment Fair offers both employment opportunities and avenues for professional development, while facilitating interaction between applicants and ICT organizations.

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