Offshoring BPO Confidence Index 2023 - Egypt Edition

A comprehensive study on Egypt’s Startup Ecosystem

Egyptian Entrepreneurship Sector Diagnostics Report

A comprehensive study on Egypt’s Startup Ecosystem

Offshore BPO Confidence Index 2023

By Peter Ryan evaluates the business process outsourcing industry's confidence...

PWC’s Doing Business in Egypt 2023

This guide is intended to provide an introduction to the taxation and legal aspects...

Ryan Advisory: Europe and the Nearshore: 2023

Europe and the Nearshore: Between Geopolitics, Recession and Resilience draws...

Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023

Exploring Egypt's thriving start-up ecosystem: Startup Genome's latest report sheds...

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report: Fintech Edition

A Spotlight on Cairo’s Thriving Fintech Ecosystem

Ryan Advisory’s 2023 Most Favored Offshore CX Delivery Location

Egypt takes fifth place as a multi-lingual powerhouse as its positive reception...

ABSL’s EMEA's Business Services Landscape 2023

Egypt is the only non-European country selected among 18 Business Services Locations

Egypt: The Next Country North American Shared Services Should Consider IT and Business Process Outsourcing

This report will analyze how Egypt created one of the premier outsourcing countries...

Outsourcing Destination Guide-2022 edition

Looking at traditional location for Shared Services and BPO, Egypt enjoys a unique...


Egypt Value Proposition 2022