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Egypt offers the largest and youngest multilingual talent pool in the Middle East and the second largest in EMEA region. Each year, over 650,000 higher education graduates join the workforce (80% of the working population speaks English and other European languages compared to 20-65% in other leading offshore destinations).


Egypt has a substantial cultural mix located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Being home to an ancient civilization and hosts one of the world's seven wonders, Egypt has always been a destination for travelers around the globe and an attraction for multiculturalism. The country is also home to the French, Austrian, Swiss, Italian, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture centers.

Local talent of Egypt is equipped with different perspectives and is open to new cultures. They can maneuver their way around the different nuances within a global marketplace. Their welcoming, native-like customer experience drives efficiency and innovation.

A plentiful supply of gender-diverse tech talent is armed with critical thinking and advanced analytics capabilities driving global impact. In addition, digital transformation initiatives among government entities and private enterprises propelled Egyptians to learn and acquire new digital skills to increase their IT competences.

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#10 Globally on Top Coder


Government of Egypt is keen on developing the digital skills of the young people in Egypt to be qualified to work in theICT and outsourcing industry . There is a wide range of capacity building programs tailored to all age groups of different scientific backgrounds. Efforts in building capacities target both tech-related and non-tech majors.

These recent milestones demonstrate the government’s commitment to building and developing capacities:

Training budget has been risen fiftyfold in a nine-year period and the number of trainees increased 150-fold from 2600 trainees with EGP 32.5 million in 2014/2015 to 400K trainees with EGP 1.7 billion in 2022/2023.
Digital Egypt Generations, launched by MCIT, prepares generations specialized in ICT. There are multiple initiatives fall under DEG:

       - Digital Egypt Builders Initiative (DEBI) seeks to grant 1,000 specialists a practical master’s

       -degree in one of the technological specializations.

      - Train 90K university students through Digital Egypt Pioneers Initiative (DEPI).

      - Train 40K students from preparatory to high school through Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI).

      - Train 10K students from the fourth to sixth grades of primary school through Digital Egypt Marvels Initiative (DEMI).


Interestingly, this unique talent comes with a competitive advantage. As per EY, cost arbitrage for Egyptian talents is up to 60% vis-à-vis other leading regional offshoring hubs.

Among Top 10 least expensive countries
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