​Summer Internships

ITAC University Student Projects

Summer Internship Support is one of ITAC University Student Projects (USPs) offered to currently enrolled university students who need to join Summer Internships in ICT companies, working in Egypt, during the summer vacation.

Students are to fill in the Student Form found by pushing its white button top of the page and upload your resumes. You need to register if you did not have sign in credentials earlier.
ICT companies interested to take part in the Summer Internship program are to fill in the Company Form and define internship plan and duration. Curious companies to join the internship support program need to register in ITIDA database if they are not already current members.

The program emails accepted companies via ITACSIS@itida.gov.eg after evaluating internship programs.
ITAC informs chosen companies that they are accepted to offer interns to students. The company selects the students and contact them to start training. Upon completion, ITAC contacts the companies to inform the students with the date on when they will receive the compensation.

Eligibility Criteria
Students who completed the first, second or third academic years
Students who are currently enrolled in faculties of engineering and computer science
ICT companies registered on ITIDA database before launching an internship program​
Provide internship opportunities for currently enrolled in the first, second or third academic years during the summer vacation
Help ICT companies offering internships find the right candidates for their requirements
ITAC beneficiaries include local ICT enterprises, universities and research centers.
The ITAC Summer Internship Program supports students with salary of EGP 500 per month with maximum number of internship duration of 2 months. ​​
The submission window for ICT companies is closed by June 31, 2018
The submission window for students is closed by June 31, 2018
Push the Student From and Company Form buttons at the top of the page to apply for the program.
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