1299 Secondary Education Students Start Learning Programming

10 July 2019

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced the launch of Next Coders training initiative for the 1st year students of secondary education.
The initiative received 2,959 applications from 616 schools nationwide, 1,675 of which met the selection criteria and 1,299 students were selected to join the program’s first round.
The number of female students who applied for the program reached 401, making up 31% of the total number of applicants.
In addition, the number of accepted students from Arabic public schools reached 698, making up 53.7% of the total number of applicants, while applicants form Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schools reached 336 (25.8%), and from experimental language schools, reached 265 representing 20.4% of the total applicants.
Excellent students who scored over 90% in Mathematics and English, and met the selection criteria, including having prerequisite training, computer and IT background, were accepted for the program.
“Next Coders” program is part of the Presidential initiative “Next Technology Leaders-NTL” that aims at building capacity of young calibers on the latest information, communications, and electronics technologies.
The students will avail Udacity’s engaging community where they can interact dynamically with other learners and exchange expertise and receive support, make connections, and stay abreast of trends in the coding field.
The “Next Coders” initiative aims at creating a pool of talented youth that is equipped with skills required for the labor market, and qualified to work according to modern career paths in high-tech areas.
This initiative targets training to 1,200 at phase one out of 5,000 students over the period 2018-2020.

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