ITIDA and RiseUp Partner to Spark AI Revolution and Empower Entrepreneurs at Egypt’s Rise Up Summit 2024

19 May 2024

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and RiseUp announced a strategic partnership at the Rise Up Summit 2024. This collaboration aims to ignite innovation and foster a thriving ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tech-driven entrepreneurship within the ICT sector and beyond. The Artificial Intelligence Revolution (AIR) Program:

The cornerstone of this partnership is the Artificial Intelligence Revolution (AIR) Program, a multifaceted initiative designed to propel AI-powered startups both locally and across Africa. The program consists of three key pillars:

• AIR Accelerator: This accelerator program equips promising AI startups with the vital resources they need to scale their ventures and achieve global impact.
• AIR Academy: The AIR Academy establishes the first-of-its-kind training ground in the region specifically designed to ensure AI development and learning meet the highest international standards.
• Specialized Events and AI Summit: A series of industry events and a dedicated AI Summit will address the needs of researchers, developers, and other stakeholders within the AI ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
Fueling Growth Across the Tech Landscape

Beyond the AIR Program, the partnership encompasses two additional initiatives to bolster the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt:

• Fund of Funds Program: This program provides critical funding mechanisms to support venture capitalists and fuel the growth of promising startups across various sectors.
• Online Training for New Startup Founders: Through a comprehensive online training program, aspiring entrepreneurs will gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully launch and scale their businesses.

This strategic alliance between ITIDA and RiseUp signifies a significant step towards:

• Empowering African AI Innovation: The AIR Program will empower ambitious AI startups across Africa, fostering a vibrant regional hub for cutting-edge technologies.
• Elevating Tech Entrepreneurship: The partnership fosters a comprehensive support system for tech entrepreneurs in Egypt, equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to bring their ideas to life.
• Enhancing Global Collaboration: By fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration, this partnership aims to elevate the global landscape of AI and tech innovation.

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