ITIDA Launches ITAC CFP 36th Round

16 April 2024

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has launched the 36th round of the Collaborative Funded Projects (CFPs) program as part of the Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) initiative.

The CFPs program aims to transition a product concept from the idea stage through proof-of-concept and prototyping to a market-ready product. Its objectives include (1) unlocking research potential in national universities and tech institutes, (2) developing research capabilities in company research centers, (3) creating innovative and competitive products for society and the marketplace, (4) fostering collaboration between scientific research institutes and industry entities, and (5) boosting national income.

ITAC beneficiaries include local ICT enterprises, universities, and research centers. The initiative finances three categories of projects: Preliminary Research Projects (PRP), where ideas are turned into proof of concept; Advanced Research Projects (ARP), the progress of proof-of-concept into a prototype; and Product Development Projects (PDP), which develops a prototype into a product.

The research component, being a key element within CFPs, requires collaboration between ICT industry partners and Egyptian IT universities or research institutes.  

Submitted proposals should align with one of three key areas: Strategic areas, encompassing wireless and cyber security, electronics and embedded systems for ICT applications, ICT for homeland security, transportation, health, agriculture, education, energy, Industry 4.0, and digital transformation; Technology-trend areas, including mobile applications and computing, cloud computing, data analytics and big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, cognitive computing, smart machines, blockchain, VR, AR, AI and ML, hyper automation and robotics, and quantum computing; or Demand-driven areas, which are determined based on specific needs of government agencies, ministries, governorates, etc.

The deadline for PRP applications is April 21, ARP is April 28, and PDP is May 5. For more information, kindly click here.​

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