Electronics Innovation Empowerment Design Companies’ Enablement Program

28 April 2024

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is accepting applications for the "Electronics Innovation Empowerment Design Companies' Enablement" program, within the framework of Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) initiative. The program aims to attract companies designing or developing electronic circuits and systems to operate at the Electronics Creativity Center in Knowledge City, the New Administrative Capital. Lasting for three years, the program targets new and existing global and local companies. Its objectives include attracting companies to the Center and encouraging them to expand their footprint.

Eligibility Criteria

  • •Companies must engage in the design of electronic systems, products, IP devices, or electronic design automation (EDA) tools
  • •Have the research and development (R&D) department of an industrial firm working in related electronic systems
  • •Have a plan to increase design and development employees or total revenue by at least 30% over three years
  • •Demonstrate the importance of the proposed project and its impact on reinforcing the local added value of the Egyptian product
  • •Enhance the competitiveness or originality of the design idea
  • •Provide a forecast of the export volume of the output design
  • •Provide accredited, authenticated documents and invoices of the facilities, salaries, tips, and related activities after each milestone to get the •installment amount for the next milestone

Accepted companies will receive rental support for office and R&D spaces, benefit from the integrated innovation ecosystem as well as advanced technology labs (IoT, smart cities, and micro-electronics labs), and access shared services and facilities such as meeting rooms, training halls, theaters, and auditoriums at affordable prices.
The deadline for applications is April 30. For more information, kindly click here, and to apply kindly click here.

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