13 October 2019
ITAC Operations Specialist
Job Purpose
  • - The ITAC Department offers programs and services with the objective of bringing value to Egyptian ICT Industry by fostering collaboration between industry and academia aiming at developing R&D-based innovative products and services that put Egyptian ICT companies in a leading position in the ICT market, both locally and internationally.
    - The ITAC Operations Specialist conducts the necessary day-to-day tasks to execute the contracts between ITIDA through the ITAC Department and the beneficiaries (ICT companies and academic/research institutions), both technically and financially, as per the contractual plan and budget.
Job Accountabilities
  • - Prepare the budgets of funded projects as per the financial rules.
    - Implement the procedures necessary for the financial disbursements/settlements for the funded projects as per the approved budgets.
    - Keep the books and archive the project progress reports, milestone reports, statistics … etc.
    - Assist the operations manager in pertinent tasks related to project impact, program KPIs … etc.
    - Compile the ITAC reports and publications.
    - Arrange the ITAC meetings, presentations and events.
    - Communicate with the program stakeholders.
    - Communicate effectively within the ITAC team and across.
  • Bachelor degree in commerce, business administration or similar.
Required Experience
Required Skills
  • Smart Village
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