13 October 2020
ICT Markets Development Director
Job Purpose
  • Monitors and supports activities undertaken for the purpose of development of the ICT industry in Egypt and contributes towards achieving ITIDA’s strategic objectives.
Job Accountabilities
  • • Plans and supervises activities that foster the development of the IT industry in Egypt and shape the evaluation of the local IT Sector.
    • Enhances ITIDA’s competitiveness and international status in the global knowledge – based economy.
    • Sets policies and strategies for the promotion and attraction of FDI, such as specific image-building and investment promotion strategies.
    • Manages relationships with industry players to identify the business needs of the local market players and match those with ITIDA activities to support the local market.
    • Supervises the process of identifying potential foreign by offering competitive incentive programs and packages, and initiates memoranda of understanding (MOUs) including possible investment opportunities.
    • Develops and monitors agile talent development strategy and its associated programs in line with ICT development strategy and responds to industry requirements.
    • Translates strategy into programs with SMART objectives.
    • Prepares the required budgets and ensures approvals for the programs while seeking funds for new programs.
    • Manages and monitors the current contractual obligations and develops new contracts on the technical and financial scopes.
  • • Bachelor degree in business administration, management or marketing or any other similar discipline.
    • Post graduate studies in the related disciplines are an asset.
Required Experience
  • • Visionary leadership.
    • Ability to motivate a workforce.
    • Effective management and delegation.
    • Effective decision making.
    • Communication and negotiation skills.
    • Strong financial acumen.
    • Complex problem solving.
    • Strong Presentation Skills.
Required Skills
  • • Experience of not less than 15 years in a senior leadership position with international responsibility and exposure in the field of IT.  
  • Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA)
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Obligatory Condition*
• Due to the sensitivity of such senior governmental position; The candidate is prohibited from (1) owning any IT private business (2) establishing or participating in the establishment or being a shareholder (partner) at any ICT company in the least manner whatsoever.
• He/ She must relinquish being a partner or an owner to any ICT company in not less than 2 years’ period before joining Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) with an official notice.
• He/ She is also prohibited from doing business or providing consultation services related to his/her job or any conflict of interest direct or indirect.