German Language Academies Program for the Outsourcing Sector

ITIDA offers a training opportunity for the employees of Information Technology outsourcing companies and call centers in Egypt. If German is a must in your business, the Agency provides the required training through its German “Training Academies” program. Register your company and personnel now!

The "Training Academies" program is one of the Human Capacity Development programs launched by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) in 2017. It provides training with the aim of qualifying job seekers to join companies working in the field of information technology outsourcing and creating new job opportunities in cooperation with these companies.

In this program, the Agency cooperates with various outsourcing companies in order to bridge the gap between supply and demand for companies' needs for qualified cadres who can speak German. The program aims to train 1,000 job seekers to master the German language and employ 80% of them in the outsourcing sector by the end of November 2022.

Program elements

ITIDA bears the costs of training on the German language for two levels, for example (B1 to B2) or (B2 to C2) or (C1 to C2). It is not possible to start training with less than B1 level
The Agency will bear the costs of transportation allowance for trainees up to 500 pounds for each month, with a maximum of eight months
The company bears at least 500 pounds for each trainee for the training duration, with a maximum contribution of eight months
The company has the right to train using a different service provider, or conduct the training itself, provided that there should be an external evaluator for students at the beginning and end of training
The company is committed to appointing at least 80% of the trainees so that it can get the full cost of training
The project duration starts in July 2021 and ends at the end of November 2022
The company is obligated to provide evidence of the completion of the training process at the levels agreed upon

Bridge the gap between supply and demand for companies' needs of qualified cadres who speak German.
Create a qualified talent pool capable of joining the labor market, especially in the field of outsourcing and speaking German.
The company should be registered in ITIDA database.
The company has a demand to create qualified personnel speaking German.

The program begins in July 2021 and ends at the end of November 2022.

The Agency covers all training expenses for two levels of the German language.
The Agency pays a transportation allowance for the trainee up to 500 pounds during the training period, with a maximum of eight months.


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