SME’s Development Program


FinanceIT is a custom-made Program for ICT small and medium-sized enterprises, with five main phases, to boost business capacity. It brings them extremely close to funds and provides training through the multi-tracks NTL. Only registered SMEs and CIT/DETGD members are eligible to apply for this program. ​

FinanceIT is a custom-tailored development program for local SMEs to uplift capabilities and provide access to finance through ITIDA, Central Bank of Egypt and Egyptian Banking Institute. It provides training schemes to people working in these companies through the Next Technology Leaders’ initiative. The initiative has multiple IT tracks to train, educate and certify SMEs’ personnel.

This fundraising is devised to model and launch new credit lines to finance ICT SMEs. In addition, it contains a comprehensive range of technical support to nurture businesses. Readiness for FinanceIT offers new funding mechanisms, together with banks with preferential interest rates range from 5% to 7% and 12% according to the enterprise size. Ceiling of funds reaches EGP 3 million offered under the restrictions, procedures, and standards, developed in consultation with ITIDA, the financial sector, enterprises and ICT NGOs, a company must meet.


Program Phases

Preparatory/Screening: It includes selecting and determining the companies according to the criteria adopted by the program.
Diagnostics Assessment: This phase begins with the analysis and diagnosis processes of the accredited companies. It includes developing a plan for implementation and consultancy. It chooses the follow-up team within the company as well as the schedule and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Implementation: This stage processes the “Information Memorandum” which involves preparation, drafts a business plan, audits the financial capacity of the company, and builds a financial plan for the company (3 to 5 future years). It also assists in the evaluation of intellectual property assets for software companies. Finally, it assists in processing the credit file of the company in the case of the need for funding through the financial and banking institutions.
Follow-up: This stage communicates with the companies throughout the implementation stages of the action plan to overcome obstacles. This follows up the plan payment systems or restructuring (rescheduling) in case the need arises. Besides, it establishes communications with program funders to follow up on the financing stage and disbursement of subsequent payments until full repayment. Post-funding continues periodically until the full repayment of all installments.

Sign Off: This includes assessing the company, developing recommendations and placing the final report.​

Small enterprises of 10 to 49 employees with annual revenue ranging from EGP one to 10 million
Medium enterprises of 50 to 249 employees with annual revenue ranging from EGP 10 to 80 million
Registered in ITIDA database
Members of Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication or General Division of the Computer, Software and Digital Economics. The company should have paid last subscription fees at one of them at least
Business permit license issued from Intellectual Property Rights office, affiliated to ITIDA
+50% of its capital must be Egyptian property
Headquarters must be in Egypt

​ Download the business plan guide [English edition] or الدليل الإرشادي لنموذج خطة الأعمال to properly register and receive a loan.

Companies interested in the program advantages should browse terms and conditions, and program procedures.

Support enterprises: evaluate their business scope and provide consultation (if necessary) to improve the internal and external business ecosystem
Provide a comprehensive package of technical help: prepare appropriate feasibility studies for projects, and measure ROIs
Invest in catalyst funding
Create more jobs, contribute to and boost economic growth
Convert intangible tech assets into financial value

For any inquiries, suggestions, comments, remarks, or concerns about the initiative, please contact ITIDA project management team via this email ​​