Commer​cial Trips Program

The Commercial Trips program is a special funding program that aims to promote Egyptian com​panies’ exports and increase their presence in foreign markets.
Commercial Trips Program


The Commercial Trips program is a special funding program that aims to promote Egyptian companies’ exports and expand their footprint in global markets.

The program allows the Egyptian companies to participate in global events and exhibitions individually as an exhibitor, visitor, or speaker.​​​​​

Open new businesses and markets for Egyptian companies
Contribute to increase exports of the local ICT sector
Enable Egyptian enterprises access global markets
Develop the Egyptian IT product or service
Help companies expand and search for new business opportunities
Increase employment opportunities within these companies as a result of commercial transactions increase with foreign companies
To apply for a commercial trip, please fill in the “Commercial Trips Form” 3 weeks before the trip date. In case of approval, your company would sign a two-year contract with ITIDA stating the rules and restrictions.
Selection Criteria
ITIDA reviews requests and replies within 2 working weeks
In case of approval, the company is asked to sign a 2-year contract with ITIDA to participate trip.
Contract is signed only once per each company before its participation in its first trip ​​​​​​​​
Participation approval is according to terms and conditions mentioned in the contract ​​​​

Number of Participations

The company can benefit from the Commercial Trips program by participating in 10 commercial trips during two years (program timeline). The beneficiary company should not exceed an annual number of trips, which is equal to no more than 5 commercial trips per year.​

Funding Items

Cost of participation in international exhibitions encompasses exhibition space booking, building pavilions and other requirements of the pavilion

Accommodation expenses of an individual from the participating company during a commercial trip for a maximum of 5 nights (150 USD per night). Accommodation can be booked directly with hotels

Airline ticket expenses of an individual from the participating company during a commercial trip. The maximum reimbursed amounts per person can be found in the below schedule:

​ ​​​

Flight tickets must be booked via Egypt Air offices only and no bookings should be made directly with tourism companies or travel agents

Only economy class tickets are allowed and bookings on business class are not accepted

Registration fees, event or exhibition entry fees are covered
Participation cost of bilateral business meetings are covered

Maximum Fund:

Each company is funded to a maximum of 50 thousand Egyptian pounds per trip, while 200 thousand Egyptian pounds is the maximum fund for all commercial trips(10 trips) during the contract period while considering a cap of 100 thousand Egyptian pounds annually.

Funding Support:

For Micro, Small and medium enterprises, ITIDA will subsidize 70% of the total cost of the commercial trip.

Please fill in the request to renew your company registration in Commercial Trips Program.


Companies having the following criteria are only eligible to apply for a commercial trip:

Company’s specialty is consistent with the nature of the suggested commercial trip

Establishment date of company should exceed 2 years from the submitting request date

Only small and medium-sized enterprises as well as startups are eligible to applye​