ICT Minister Opens Webhelp Flagship in Egypt

15 June 2022

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat launched Webhelp’s flagship office in Egypt; one of the company's biggest premises worldwide. Webhelp injected more than EGP 250 million investments as part of a plan to expand its outsourcing business in Egypt. The multinational business process outsourcing and consultancy company broadens its operations to take advantage of local skilled talent , nearshore location and robust IT infrastructure .

As a global leading BPO company, Webhelp’s new premises extend on a 20,000 square meter area. Webhelp Egypt's current team has 1,100 employees providing B2B sales, presales and inbound customer service in MENA, Europe and USA. It has plans to boost staffing to reach 1,600 employees by year-end and 3,600 employees by 2024.

Olivier Duha, co-founder and chairman of Webhelp's board, Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), and officials from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) along with reps from Webhelp, from Egypt and France attended the inaugural ceremony.

In his remarks, Talaat said he was pleased with the Office’s opening and Webhelp’s expansion in business activity in Egypt. “Opening new premises reflects the Egyptian ICT sector’s strong appeal to foreign investors,” the ICT Minister highlighted. He added that Egypt is a leading hub for outsourcing services and a favorite destination for international companies aiming to meet their clientele needs worldwide.

Talaat noted that the number of tech giants operating in the ICT sector and size of investments in different technology areas in Egypt have been growing. He was pleased to see young people working in Webhelp, delivering outsourcing services to global markets.

Egypt is a regional and global leader in IT outsourcing and offshoring services. The country has unique capabilities and competitive advantages, most notably a large talent pool capable of innovating and delivering IT services in multiple languages,” ICT Minister underlined.

“The government plans to inject more capital into the ICT sector in the next fiscal year, growing investments by more than 22%,” he added. “MCIT is keen to invest in human capital and help young Egyptians gain a competitive advantage through its technical training strategy, the budget of which has been multiplied 22 times in three years, rising from EGP 50 million to EGP 1.1 billion,” the Minister declared.

For his part, Webhelp’s chairman remarked that Egypt is one of the most attractive markets for outsourcing services. Duha was pleased his company decided to invest in the Egyptian market, adding that Webhelp has plans to develop its business in Cairo's office.

Relatedly, ITIDA and Webhelp inked a Memorandum of Understanding within framework of Digital Egypt Strategy for Offshoring Industry 2022-2026, devised for a further a surge in Egypt’s exports of IT offshoring services and products.

Webhelp was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Paris, France. The company has offices in 55 countries around the world and a team of 100,000 employees. Webhelp Egypt was founded in Cairo in 2020; its flagship office is located in the Fifth Settlement district.

It is worth noting that ITIDA and Webhelp signed a cooperation agreement, in April 2021, to scale up the latter's business in Egypt. This bilateral deal will help create about 4,800 new work opportunities for well-qualified specialists to provide outsourcing services to Webhelp’s clients around the world.

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