20 July 2019

A week ago (June 4th, 2019) I was in Berlin at the conference organized by the German Outsourcing Association (Deutscher Outsourcing Verband). This is one of the few conferences in Germany, where both the recipients of services from Germany and suppliers of such services from different countries, meet in an intimate group of about 100 people.
I attend this conference every year and I have to tell you that every time I find out there interesting things and meet no less interesting people. Besides, I'm not the only one from Poland. Our country is accompanied by a certain group of representatives, which this year gathered both IT companies, BPO centers, and even the public sector.
But I will not write about it today. I will mention Egypt, who is hungry for providing outsourcing services not only to Germany, but also to other countries in Europe. Egypt, specifically ITIDA (Information Technology Industry Development Agency) from Cairo, was one of the main partners of this year's event in the German capital. I had the opportunity to talk to Rolana Rashwan and Noha Tarek Shaaban, who represented the Egyptian agency at a conference in Berlin.
Basically, the meeting like many others, I have the pleasure of running during various events in the outsourcing industry, but here I learned a few new things. In fact, these last months taught me a lot about the perception of the size of the BSS industry in the world. With some of the topics I agree, with some I discuss, and at the sight of some data I smile a bit.
Okay, but let's get back to Egypt.
Did you know that from an outsourcing perspective, according to IDC estimates, in Egypt the employment in the BSS sector is already at the level of 212,000 people, and 2020 will bring 240,000 employees? Going further and quoting the financial data from - the average annual salary of the software developer position in Egypt is 7,500 USD - in comparison, in Poland, the amount of such remuneration is estimated at around USD 24,000 per year.
Going further - there are now over 100 other countries served from Egypt, and the service takes place in over 20 languages. In the number of over 500,000 university graduates each year, up to 270,000 graduates completing courses related to modern business services and IT services. Well, the scale is not surprising, in the end Egypt has a population of over 100 million inhabitants.
The presence of Egypt's representatives in Berlin was not accidental. Unlike outsourcing service providers from the CEE and SEE regions, the Egyptians did not focus only on potential clients from Germany. Their goal was also to focus on companies from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and our other neighbours, for whom Egyptian companies could be subcontractors.
The same time zone, more than half lower costs, aggressive sales to Western European countries ... well, it gives us things to be thought over. There is always a question about quality, transfer of knowledge, copyrights, international law, etc., etc., but it made me think a bit.
Will we work with Egyptian outsourcing companies? Perhaps. In the end, we are already working with entities from India, the Philippines, China and Ukraine


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