Egypt Nanotechnology Center

The Egypt Nanotechnology Center is the joint result of partnership agreement between Ministry of Communications and information Technology (represented by ITIDA), the ministry of Higher Education represented by Cairo University and the ministry state for Scientific Research (represented by the Science and Technological Development Fund).

Egyptian scientists working in the center are back to Egypt after spending 2 years working side-by-side with IBM scientists and engineers on advanced nanoscience and nanotechnology projects in IBM Research labs in Zurich, Switzerland; and Yorktown Heights, USA.

EGNC has a number of academic partners to mention some; Cairo University and Nile University. The Center is building state-of-the-art facilities; will include 28 specialized laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date tools for nano-sciences research and a 600 m2 clean room. EGNC will research, develop, and deliver nanotechnology that will have an impact on a range of fields that are important to Egypt: such as, on solar energy, biotechnology and water desalination.

Current areas of focus for research include thin film silicon photovoltaics, energy recovery from concentrated photovoltaics for desalination, biosensors and computational modeling and simulation.

The aim of the Center is to build and strengthen applied and industrial research and its infrastructure in the areas of greatest strategic value to Egypt’s long-term competitiveness and development.

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