University Student Projects

Summer Internships Support

For the Students who has completed their 2nd or 3rd academic year who would like to join in the Summer Internship Support program, please fill in the Student Application Form and upload your resumes. The accepted students will be contacted via email ( as soon as all the submitted applications are evaluated. The submission window for students closed by Wednesday, June 15th , 2016.

Offers students internship during the summer vacation in ICT companies working in Egypt. The ITAC will support student salaries for a period of up to 2 months, with a salary of EGP 500 per month.

For the ICT companies that would like to participate in the Summer Internship program, please fill in the Company Registration Form and clearly define the internship plan and duration. The accepted companies will be e-mailed via after evaluating all the internship programs. The submission window for ICT companies closed by Tuesday, May 31st , 2016.

Graduation Projects Support

Selected student graduation projects are funded through ITAC with a maximum of EGP 10,000 per project. The submitted projects are evaluated and sorted, and the projects with the highest scores are chosen to be funded.

To learn more about the eligibility conditions, the evaluation criteria, and the previously funded projects, please download the Graduation Project Flyer.

Please download the Accepted Graduation Projects file. For Accepted Projects only, please refer to the Graduation Projects Financial Guidelines and download the Graduation Project Budget Form. Please send the filled form to ( Please note that the budget form must be sent via the Project Supervisor e-mail in order to be accepted. The deadline for accepting the budget forms is March 31, 2017. No forms will be accepted after the deadline.

Further information