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ITIDA/EGX Partnership Program

Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Egyptian Exchange, EGX, to foster and support ICT Companies to be listed in the stock market of Small and Medium Enterprises, NILEX. The MOU aims to help ICT companies overcome the current economic hurdles and expand their businesses. ICT companies will benefit from being listed in NILEX with a competitive cost scheme.

ITIDA is primarily concerned with building the capacities of the local IT companies, attracting and servicing multi-national IT companies. ITIDA adheres to a Public-Private Partnership mode to achieve the goals of the IT industry and create for IT companies a business environment where cooperation is a salient feature.

Nilex is the Egyptian Exchange market for growing SMEs. Nilex offers an appropriate, secure, yet flexible regulatory framework for both companies and investors. Established end of 2007, NILEX is the first stock market whose target is to support and develop SMEs in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing them with the required finance for growth and expansion so as to raise their competitiveness and offer more job opportunities.

ITIDA-EGX bilateral cooperation provides technical support and consultancy for SMEs. This in turn will help with the SMEs' development and sustainability in the market. Based on the agreement, EGX will acquaint ICT companies registered in ITIDA database with the benefits of being listed in NILEX as one of the financing sources. EGX will also urge registered EGX sponsors to offer highly effective consultancy services in the business fields of NILEX. This in turn will help these projects identify the problems they face and find solutions that are likely to raise productivity and help them continue operating in the market.

In accordance with the agreement, ITIDA acts as the program facilitator; supporting ICT companies through the registered sponsors at the stock exchange who will qualify these firms for being listed. As part of its subsidies to the Egyptian ICT companies, ITIDA will afford 80% of listing procedures cost while companies afford the rest.

Companies interested in benefiting from the program are kindly requested to:

Indicate initial interest to join the program through ITIDA database as follow:

  • If your company is registered in ITIDA Database, please login to indicate your initial interest.
  • If your company is not registered, please click here to register your company then login to indicate your initial interest.

For any inquiries regarding the program, Please check the program terms & conditions Or send an email to

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