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13 September 2018
Convergys continues to expand operations in Egypt
05 September 2018
رئيس الوزراء يشهد توقيع مذكرة تفاهم لإنشاء مجتمعات للإبداع التكنولوجي بالجامعات المصرية
05 September 2018
Premier Witnesses Signing MoU on Establishing Innovation Hubs in Egyptian Universities
02 September 2018
مصر تشارك للمرة الثالثة عشر في معرض جيتكس دبي 2018
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28 July 2018
عمومية شركة واحات السيليكون تختار مها رشاد رئيساً لها
27 July 2018
Silicon Waha Names Maha Rashad as Chairperson
21 July 2018
ايتيدا سيل سوفت وير العالمية تواصل توسيع نطاق أعمالها في مصر
21 July 2018
Seal Software Expands its Center of Excellence in Egypt with Support of ITIDA
15 July 2018
ITIDA Announces Opening of TOT Grant in Fiber-optic Networks
10 July 2018
Egypt IT Sector Boosts its Global Position and Attracts More Foreign Investments
08 July 2018
ايتيدا تبحث مع غرفة التجارة الأمريكية فرص جذب الاستثمارات والترويج لقطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات المصري
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27 June 2018
قطاع تكنولوجيا المعلومات المصري يعزز مكانته الدولية ويواصل جذب الاستثمارات الأجنبية وخلق المزيد من فرص العمل
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07 May 2018
ITIDA Partners with IDC to Host Egypt's Most Influential ICT Leaders for Annual CIO Summit in Cairo
07 May 2018
ITIDA Cooperates with HBMSU to Enhance Smart Education and Tech Innovation in the Arab region
03 May 2018
ITIDA Offers EGP 50 Million Rebate on Egypt’s ICT Exports
01 May 2018
Egypt to Host IDC CIO Summit 2018 to Develop a Blueprint for Thriving in Digital Economy
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30 April 2018
القاهرة تستضيف قمة مدراء تكنولوجيا المعلومات 7 مايو
26 April 2018
TIEC Launches Start IT Round 19 for Upper Egypt Entrepreneurs
12 April 2018
Oxford Business Group Young Egyptians Gain ICT Capabilities and Entrepreneurial Skills with New Programs
 collapse March
28 March 2018
ICT Minister Issues Decree to Appoint Maha Rashad as ITIDA Acting CEO
14 March 2018
Egypt Launches Digital Forensic Lab to Improve IPR Protection and Enforcement
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06 February 2018
Transition to Digital Society Is State Strategy in Cooperation with All Sectors, ICT Minister Says
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31 January 2018
Egypt Ready to Transfer Experience in ICTs to Iraq, ICT Minister Says
29 January 2018
ICT Minister, Mentor Graphics CEO Witness Signing Agreement to Establish CoE in Technology Parks
17 January 2018
جامعة المنيا توقع اتفاقية مع ايتيدا لتفعيل إطار المهارات الوطني في مجال الاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات
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31 December 2017
ايتيدا تبدأ في تطبيق إطار كوبيت لحوكمة عملياتها طبقاً للمعايير العالمية
26 December 2017
ITIDA Discusses Launch of NxtVn Regional CoE
11 December 2017
في عام المرأة المصرية ايتيدا تكرم الموظفات المتميزات بالهيئة
11 December 2017
SECC Organizes Third AMECSE 2017
04 December 2017
ICT Minister Witnesses Signing Agreement between ITIDA, SCA to Provide e-Signature Services
04 December 2017
UN Launches Regional Technology Innovation Lab in Egypt
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08 November 2017
Egypt to Showcase its Outsourcing Capabilities at Gartner Symposium ITxpo
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17 October 2017
SECC Organizes Your Capability Counts Symposium
15 October 2017
El-Sisi Honors NTL Presidential Initiative Graduates
08 October 2017
The Crown Prince of Dubai Visits the Egyptian Pavilion Time for Egypt
04 October 2017
Egypt Partakes in 37th GITEX Technology Week with 26 Tech Companies
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30 September 2017
ايتيدا تشارك في قمة Techne Summit
 collapse July
27 July 2017
ICT Minister Inspects Progress in Borg Al-Arab Technology Park
12 July 2017
ITIDA Announces the Results of its 2017 Export IT Rebate Program for local ICT companies
 collapse June
13 June 2017
Nation-Wide Training Initiative on Latest Technologies
11 June 2017
Eight New Startups to Join TIEC Incubator
 collapse May
16 May 2017
Egypt Hosts IDC-CIO Summit 2017
 collapse April
04 April 2017
ICT Minister Witnesses ITIDA-Schneider Electric MoU Signing Ceremony
 collapse February
26 February 2017
ITIDA Holds Closing Ceremony of IbTIECar’Competition InnovEgypt ISA Programs
23 February 2017
ايتيداتطلق الدورة السابعة من برنامج دعم الصادرات المصرية من منتجات وخدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات
15 February 2017
ITIDA Launches Innovation Cluster in Borg Al-Arab Technology Park
01 February 2017
اختيار رئيسة ايتيدا ضمن أبرز 50 سيدة تأثيراً في مؤسسات الأعمال لعام 2016
 collapse January
30 January 2017
ايتيدا تبحث مع محافظة الإسكندرية سبل تعزيز التنمية بالمنطقة التكنولوجية بمدينة برج العرب
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18 December 2016
ITIDA and IFC develop the Country’s First National Competence Framework (NCF
04 December 2016
ICT Minister Actively Partakes in Cairo ICT 2016
 collapse November
27 November 2016
Eng. Yasser Elkady, Minister of CIT witnesses MoU signing between ITIDA and Mastercard to promote and activate payment technologies at technology parks and smart villages
27 November 2016
El-Sisi Opens 20th Cairo ICT 2016
15 November 2016
Eight Student’s Research Projects Join TIEC’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator
09 November 2016
ICT Minister Receives Syailendra Asia Officials to Discuss Cooperation and Investment Opportunities
01 November 2016
ITIDA Concludes Successful Participation in GITEX 2016 with USD 2.1 Million Worth of Deals
 collapse October
26 October 2016
ICT Minister Receives Inspur Officials
18 October 2016
TIEC Becomes Regional Partner of Challenge 22
17 October 2016
H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed visits ITIDA-sponsored Egyptian pavilion at GITEX Technology Week
13 October 2016
ITIDA supports participation of top 29 Egyptian firms at GITEX Technology Week 2016
09 October 2016
مصر تفوز بجائزة أفضل دولة على مستوى العالم تقدم خدمات التعهيد لعام 2016
09 October 2016
Egypt Named Outsourcing Destination of the Year 2016
 collapse September
29 September 2016
ITIDA Discusses Seamless Payments in Smart Cities at ‘MasterCard Innovation Forum 2016’
22 September 2016
97 Egyptian IT Companies Receive 40 million EGP Direct Cash Rebate on Collected Proceeds of Value-added Exports of 2014
08 September 2016
Egypt is a Finalist for the Outsourcing Destination of the Year 2016 Award
 collapse August
04 August 2016
Parliament ICT Committee Inspects Borg Al-Arab Technology Park
 collapse June
19 June 2016
TIEC Launches Egypt IoT League
19 June 2016
TIEC Launches IbTIECar 2016
 collapse May
26 May 2016
Egypt Organizes Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering AMECSE 2016
26 May 2016
Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Witnesses the Official Launch of Silicon Waha
22 May 2016
Under the Theme of “Making Vision Reality”: Egypt Hosts eLearning Africa 2016 for the First Time in North Africa
08 May 2016
El-Sobky Appointed as ITIDA’s VP for IT Markets Development
 collapse March
31 March 2016
Asmaa Hosni Appointed as ITIDA CEO
21 March 2016
“Egypt-On” Pavilion Exhibiting Companies Report 3.6 Million Euros Projected Sales from GSMA Mobile World Congress

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