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26 July 2015
ايتيدا تعلن عن حزمة جديدة من برامج تنمية قدرات صناعة تكنولوجيا المعلومات بتكلفة 20 مليون جنيه
12 July 2015
TIEC’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator New Round is Open for Applicants
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28 June 2015
ITIDA Signs 6 New Funding Projects in ITAC Round 17
25 June 2015
Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Launches Ibtiecar 2015 Competition
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31 May 2015
ITIDA, Coordination Office of UAE - Funded Development Projects in Egypt Visit Training Centers
29 May 2015
Egypt gains momentum in ICT outsourcing
27 May 2015
Egyptian Tech Firms Expand Footprint in Africa with Expected Business Deals Worth USD 7 Million
26 May 2015
ITIDA Showcases Egypt’s Strength as a Regional Sourcing and Technology Hub In The Shared Services and Outsourcing Week
20 May 2015
Egypt on the Rise: ITIDA Beefs Up Efforts in Pursuit of ICT Growth
15 May 2015
ICT Minister Calls on Finding Technology Solutions to Fight Corruption
14 May 2015
SECC Organizes Business Drivers for Software Industry
12 May 2015
ITIDA’s Software Engineering Center Lunches PSP Fundamentals Course
05 May 2015
Egyptian IT sector bounces back with 6,000 job opportunities created by foreign investment
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30 April 2015
SECC Launches Egyptian MSEs Product Development Program
28 April 2015
ITIDA Organizes First Investor Briefing Event
03 April 2015
ICT Minister Witnesses Orphan’s Day Celebration in Maadi Technology Park
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31 March 2015
IDC Partners with ITIDA to Host the Largest-Ever Congregation of CIOs in Egypt
26 March 2015
SECC Launches Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals Course
24 March 2015
TIEC Launches Electronic Design Automation Support (EDAS) Program
22 March 2015
IDC Organizes CIO Summit in Egypt in Collaboration with ITIDA
18 March 2015
Egypt’s IT Development Agency Receives the British Ambassador to Discuss ICT Investments
16 March 2015
Prime Minister to Speak at IDC's Inaugural Egypt CIO Summit
12 March 2015
EEDC Holds in Sharm el-Sheikh
11 March 2015
Invitation for Prequalification for Maadi Technology Park
10 March 2015
TIEC Participates in ArabNet Beirut 2015
08 March 2015
New ICT Minister Sworn In
08 March 2015
SECC Organizes Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering (AMECSE)
05 March 2015
ITAC Program Round 17 Launched
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23 February 2015
CIT Minister Witnesses Ibtiecar and InnovEgypt Closing Ceremony
19 February 2015
ITIDA Leads A Trade Mission of 26 Egyptian IT Companies to Kenya
14 February 2015
Egyptian Minister Atef Helmy visits Dubai’s Teleperformance office
14 February 2015
ITIDA to Launch ‘Industry Voice’ Forum for Small Enterprises
09 February 2015
ITIDA Launches “Industry Voice Forum for Micro Enterprises”
04 February 2015
ITIDA Launches IBM Middle East and Africa Digital Sales Center in Cairo
04 February 2015
Teleperformance Opened a New Center in Dubai to Attract Gulf Investments to Egypt
03 February 2015
SECC Launches Software Process Improvement Program for SMEs
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29 January 2015
SECC Holds “Egypt IoT Forum” First Steering Committee Meeting
21 January 2015
ICT Minister Attends SECC Celebration to Honor MSEs
13 January 2015
ITIDA Signs Four New Funding Projects in ITAC Round 15
06 January 2015
TIEC Bolsters Public Schools in FLL
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25 December 2014
ITIDA, MCIT, MoF Cooperation Protocol in e-Signature
15 December 2014
ITIDA’s Innovation Center Organizes a Workshop on the Role of IT in Fighting Ebola
09 December 2014
ITIDA’s IPR Office holds Training Session for Economic Courts Judges
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27 November 2014
ITIDA’s e-Signature Center grants Ahli United Bank Conformance Certificate for Software Security
05 November 2014
IBM, ITIDA Launch Second Phase of Cloud Computing Agreement
05 November 2014
ITIDA, Intel Sign MoU for Innovation
05 November 2014
ITIDA, Oracle Egypt MoU to Train Egypt Youth
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29 October 2014
ITIDA Launches ‘Africa Together’ Program
12 October 2014
Dubai Deputy Ruler Launches Gitex 2014, Visits Egypt Pavilion
01 October 2014
ITIDA is a Country Partner at the Philippine Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) Summit
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30 September 2014
ITIDA Backs Egyptian Companies in Gitex Dubai 2014
22 September 2014
GSLI 2014: Egypt Still Leads the Outsourcing Industry in MENA Region
01 September 2014
ITIDA Launches Export IT Program
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21 August 2014
ITIDA, IDC Sign Cooperation Agreements
17 August 2014
ITIDA, IFC Help Improve ICT Skills in Egypt
14 August 2014
AMECSE 2014 to Hold in October
07 August 2014
Manage IT New Courses Launch
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06 July 2014
ITIDA Continues to Support MSEs in 2014
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29 June 2014
ITIDA to Support Civil Society in Three Years
24 June 2014
ITIDA Reviews Egypt ICT Sector Competitive Advantages
18 June 2014
ITIDA Backs SMEs in ICT Chamber and the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) Exhibit
12 June 2014
ITIDA, Systel Telecom Sign MoU
05 June 2014
ايتيدا توقع عقود تمويل مشاريع الدورة الرابعة عشر من برنامج دعم التعاون البحثي بين الشركات والجهات البحثية
05 June 2014
ITIDA Announces ITAC Winners
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22 May 2014
Egypt Possesses Competitive Advantages to Become Labor-Intensive ICT Global Hub—Oxford Business
14 May 2014
ITIDA Celebrates Manage IT Program New Batch Graduation
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20 April 2014
ITIDA Hosts Panel Discussion on ICT Role in Economy Progress
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24 March 2014
ICT Minister Issues Decree to Appoint New Experts in ITIDA BOD
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12 February 2014
Hussein El-Gueretly is the newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of ITIDA
10 February 2014
ايتيدا توقع عقود تمويل مشاريع الدورة الثالثة عشر من برنامج دعم التعاون البحثي بين الشركات والجهات البحثية
 collapse January
21 January 2014
Ehab Mostafa Appointed as ITIDA VP
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31 December 2013
ايتيدا توقع مذكرة تفاهم مع ستريم العالمية لتوسيع أعمالها في مصر
04 December 2013
ايتيدا تنظم المؤتمر السنوي الأول للحوار بين صناعة تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات والجهات الأكاديمية
 collapse November
24 November 2013
ITIDA Signs MoU with Schneider Electric launch Offshore Services Center in Egypt
20 November 2013
20 مليون جنيه تسهيلات ائتمانية لـ 8 من شركات تكنولوجيا المعلومات من البنك الأهلى والمصرف المتحد
 collapse September
22 September 2013
ايتيدا وبداية توقعان بروتوكول تعاون للاستثمار فى رؤوس أموال شركات تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات
18 September 2013
ITIDA, VIS Protocol Signed to Promote Jobs
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29 August 2013
Export IT Commences for Third Year
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20 June 2013
Reforming Subsidized Supplies Systems part 2
19 June 2013
ITIDA, FSI Sign a Cooperation Protocol
17 June 2013
ITIDA Discusses the Economic Impact of the Intellectual Property Rights on SMEs
04 June 2013
ICT Minister Checks Inar Tablets at Benha Electronics
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20 May 2013
Egypt e- Content Award Registration
14 May 2013
Reforming Subsidized Supplies Systems
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28 April 2013
The Third Day of Cairo ICT 2012: Signing Two Protocols to Provide 10 Thousands Laptops to University Students and to Promote Green ICT Technologies
23 April 2013
SECC Software Testing Training Concluded
08 April 2013
FEDCOC Computers and Software Third Annual Forum
07 April 2013
ITIDA Launches Administration Skills Programs
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20 March 2013
ITIDA & NBE Launch 3 Credit Programs to Finance IT Companies
16 March 2013
ICT and Higher Education Ministers Launch the 6th Phase of EDUEgypt
10 March 2013
Egypt ICT Experience Showcased at CeBIT 2013
06 March 2013
CeBIT 2013 Kicks off, ITIDA Sponsors Participation of 7 Egyptian Companies
04 March 2013
Targeting Better Cooperation Channels: ITIDA Hosts Tunisian Delegation
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25 February 2013
Egyptian companies showcase Egypt’s strength in ICT at GSMA Mobile World Congress
19 February 2013
SECC – Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities Cooperation in ISTQB Certifications to Undergraduates
16 February 2013
On Cairo Transport App. Challenge Finals Sidelines: Two Cooperation Protocols to Develop the Transportation Sector
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03 January 2013
Five Solid Locations for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Service FDI in 2013
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24 December 2012
ITIDA 2012 is the Year of Availing Financing for IT Companies

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