Single Intervention Service

It is meant for a specific trade fair that is not included on ITIDA’s annual collective trade fair plan, does not witness the participation of an Egyptian pavilion and/or is targeted only by a few number of companies due to various reasons. The “Single Intervention” service is designed to encourage IT companies to apply for the financial support and gain access to such specific events either in the local or international markets.

Support provided:

ITIDA covers 80% of the total cost for the first time participation in a targeted event. Participation frequency subsidizing rates are shown below:

 Participation frequency  Subsidy Rate
 Second time participation  70%
 Third time participation  60%
 Fourth time or more  25%

Maximum allowed number of participations for each company: 3 Single Interventions per year
(2 participations in international events and 1 participation in local events).

ITIDA covers the participation cost of each company for the following items only:

  • Space reservation fees
  • Booth construction
  • Booth furnishings
  • Travel and accommodation for one representative
  • Event registration fees
  • Matchmaking fees

Accordingly, participation logistics, bookings and advance payment are totally handled by the company requesting the service, which will be reimbursed on the condition of providing the actual payment proofs.

Total cost for each single intervention reimbursement  should not exceed the following rates per region:

Regions Ceiling
Africa 35,000 EGP
Middle East and Gulf Area 30,000 EGP
Europe 50,000 EGP
North and South America 40,000 EGP
Asia 40,000 EGP
Local (Egypt) 25,000 EGP

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligible company for “Single Interventions" Service should have the following criteria:

  • Egyptian-owned company with more than 50% Egyptian ownership or under control of Egyptian Board for public companies.
  • Headquartered in Egypt with at least 80% of company payroll is based in Egypt.
  • Have at least 10 registered full time employees.
  • Only companies older than two years are eligible. 

Forms of Participation:

  • Exhibitor: where the company exhibits in the event in question.
  • Active participant: participating either in the form of a speaker in a forum or a panel guest. It could also cover the participation in matchmaking business meetings organized for charge by consultants or event organizers.

Process Cycle:

  • Notification Period: At least 4 weeks before the date of the event
  • Internal Processing Cycle Time: Two weeks, i.e. the company should receive our final answer after 2 weeks from the date of the submission.
  • Maximum allowed participations per company: 3 Single Interventions per year  (any region)

This service is currently being on-hold for re-evaluating the processes , rules and procedures and will be resumed in a the new shape by August.

Further information