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expand What is RITI?
The Regional IT Institute (RITI) was established in 1992 as a Subsidiary of the Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC). RITI is a non-profit regional training and human resource development institute that was established to become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. For more information please visit:
expand What does RAMP stand for?
RITI Advanced Management Program.
expand Please provide me with an overview about the program
This program aims to prepare middle managers at the start of their managerial careers to deal with higher levels of management responsibility. RITI has designed RITI Advanced Management Program in 2007 to help first-line managers to discover new concepts and theories that will build their managerial capabilities and broaden their understanding of the interdependencies of organizations.
expand How many rounds will ITIDA and RITI jointly conduct?
ITIDA and RITI have scheduled for 8 rounds of RAMP to accommodate a total of 240 participants.
expand How much does RAMP cost? And how much does ITIDA Subsidize out of the total RAMP cost?
RAMP costs 9000 EGP per participant and ITIDA is going to cover 85% of this cost and the company pays 15% of the rest.
expand Who are the target audience for RAMP?
The program is targeting 240 first-line managers who exercise leadership and whose responsibilities require a concrete foundation of different management tools.
expand What is the allowed number of nominees per company?
Each company can nominate (6) Egyptian candidates for all available Training Courses with a maximum (2) candidates in the Top-Level Management Training Program.
expand What are the participants’ selection criteria?

Candidates are expected to:

  • Have a good level of proficiency in English Language.
  • Have a minimum of five years work experience.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree.
  • Fall in the age group from 26 to 35 years old.
  • Have not previously attended this program.
expand What are the Companies’ selection criteria?

Companies registering their First Line Managers in the RITI Advanced Management Program are expected to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Egyptian-owned company with more than 50% Egyptian ownership or under control of Egyptian Board for public companies
  • Have a least 20 registered full time employees
expand How many participants are expected to attend per group or round?
Each round will be attended by a maximum of 30 participants.
expand What are the key benefits of RAMP?

Upon the completion of the program, participants will gain:

  • Greater perspectives on both professional and personal sides, enabling them to develop and share their vision, lead their companies and motivate their employees.
  • An integrated vision of different managerial functions and how they work together.
  • Global business perceptions through the analysis of best practice companies from a wide range of sectors and countries.
  • Solid knowledge base and scientific foundation of management tools that enables them to work as efficient managers.
expand What are the profiles of RAMP Instructors?

RAMP is conducted by a group of professional instructors from different areas of management who are equipped with a solid scientific academic background (Most instructors hold a Master degree in the field under study) in addition to a long comprehensive managerial professional background. Instructors also have the capacity to act as facilitators by motivating participants to share and disseminate their implicit knowledge.

expand What is the training methodology adopted by RAMP trainers?

The training methodology adopted by RAMP trainers encompasses a variety of tools such as:

  • Lectures
  • Cases based on the demands of the ICT field
  • In-depth Negotiations and Debates
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Knowledge Sharing with Classmates
expand How many modules (courses) is RAMP composed of? And what are these modules?

RAMP is composed of eight modules (courses) which are:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Quality Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creative Thinking & Effective Problem Solving
  • International Business
  • Strategy, Strategic Design and Strategic Behavior
  • Finance
expand How many class hours do I have to attend? And how are they distributed among courses?
You need to attend a total of 152 class hours which are distributed as follows:
  • Strategic Marketing: 24 hours
  • Sales Management: 16 hours
  • Quality Management: 24 hours
  • Leadership Skills: 16 hours
  • Creative Thinking & Effective Problem Solving: 16 hours
  • International Business: 16 hours
  • Strategy, Strategic Design and Strategic Behavior: 16 hours
  • Finance: 24 hours
expand How frequent are the program’s sessions? And at what timings are they held?
It depends on the intake that you are enrolled in. For some intakes, sessions will be conducted twice per week during the afternoons from 18:00 till 22:00. For other intakes sessions will be conducted once per week on Saturdays from 9:00 till 17:00.
expand Where do I attend the sessions?
At the Regional IT Institute Premises: 11A Hassan Sabry Street, Zamalek, 11211, Cairo, Egypt. RITI has the following facilities: Four State-of-the-Art Buildings, Thirteen Top-Notch Classes and Two Labs, Outstanding ICT structure with unlimited access to Internet, Students’ Facilities; Parking, Cafeteria, etc.
expand What learning resources will I receive or get access to?
Participants are going to receive original textbooks for a selected number of courses and training material for a selected number of courses. They will also have access to RITI labs (only if labs are free) for the whole program’s duration.
expand How can I apply for the program?
If you are working in a company that is registered at ITIDA then just visit ITIDA website,enter the company username and password and then click on RITI Advanced Management program link which will take you to an online registration form that you need to fill in.You also need to submit the necessary credentials as hard copy at RITI training department (Ms. Rania Tarek,
If you are working in a company that is not registered at ITIDA, you need to make sure to register your company first in order to create an account for your company on ITIDA website.
expand What are the needed credentials (Hard Copy)?
  • 2 Personal Photos.
  • Copy of the National ID.
  • Copy of graduation certificate (the bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree from the university/institute where the candidate was awarded the degree).
  • A Nomination Letter signed by either the HR manager or your direct manager and stamped (you will find a downloadable template for this letter on ITIDA website
  • 15% of the program fees (1350 EGP).
expand Upon completion of the program, what certificates do I receive?

Upon successful completion of the RAMP, each participant will be granted:

  • A certificate of accomplishment by the end of the module only if s/he managed to attend a minimum of 75% of the module's sessions and passed the module's assessment based on the predefined assessment criteria. If s/he failed any module, s/he will continue with the track and will have to re-attend the failed module to be financed by his company with another RAMP round.
  • By the end of the RAMP round, each participant will be granted a certificate of accomplishment only is s/he has successfully completed the eight RAMP modules
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