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expand What is the mission of ITAC Program and what projects does it fund?
Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC)’s mission is to bring value to Egyptian ICT Industry by fostering collaboration between industry and academia aiming at developing R&D based innovative products and services that put Egyptian ICT companies in a leading position in the ICT market, both locally and internationally.

Currently, ITAC has three collaborative research programs: ITIDA Preliminary Research Project (PRP), Advanced Research Projects (ARP), and Product Development Projects (PDP). In addition, University Student Projects fund student graduation projects from students enrolled in Egyptian universities.
expand What shall I do to apply for ITAC collaborative research project fund?
Proposals are accepted within submission windows of ITAC calls or rounds. The submission window is announced on ITAC webpage on ITIDA's website, along with the necessary guides and templates that need to be studied before the submission process.
expand What shall I do to apply for the graduation project fund?
The eligibility criteria and submission window for graduation projects are announced on ITAC webpage on ITIDA's website. An application form needs to be filled and submitted to process the graduation project fund request.
expand How can I learn about previously funded projects and their statistics?
ITAC issues a number of publications that periodically updates the community with its activities and achievements. The most frequent of these publications is ITAC e-Newsletter posted on ITAC webpage and sent via e-mail to companies, universities, and individuals. More details about ITAC funded projects can be found through visiting the Brief on Funded Projects.
expand Can an ICT company have two concurrent ITAC Projects?
An ICT company cannot have two concurrent ITAC funded projects. However, it can submit a new proposal if the current funded project is approaching an end where the ICT company should return the due amount of “partial fund return” before receiving any further support from the program. Please visit Partial Fund Return Policy for more details.
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