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expand What is the objective of ITAC Program and what projects does it fund?
Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC)’s objective is to promote Industry/Universities collaboration through linking academic research with industry and market needs. These collaborative research programs will add value to IT companies, universities, researchers and the technology community.

ITAC programs have been designed to link industry research with market needs. This is coupled with opportunities within ICT companies for undergraduates and post-graduates enhancing their knowledge and experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

Currently, ITAC has three collaborative research programs: ITIDA Fellowships (IF), Advanced Research Projects (ARP), and Product Development Projects (PDP). In addition, ITAC Student Programs fund student graduation projects from students enrolled in Egyptian universities. ITAC also supports summer training of students in ICT companies during summer.
expand What shall I do to apply for ITAC collaborative research project fund?
Proposals are accepted within submission windows of ITAC calls or rounds. The submission window is announced on ITAC webpage on ITIDA's website, along with the necessary guides and templates that need to be studied before the submission process.
expand What shall I do to apply for the graduation project fund?
The eligibility criteria and submission window for graduation projects are announced on ITAC webpage on ITIDA's website. An application form needs to be filled and submitted to process the graduation project fund request.
expand What shall I do to apply for the summer training program?
When the submission window of summer training program is open, interested engineering and computer science students should apply through ITAC webpage. Registered companies select from the student applications to spend their summer training periods there. A tentative agenda for all ITAC submission windows is announced and updated in ITAC
expand How can I learn about previously funded projects and their statistics?
ITAC issues a number of publications that periodically updates the community with its activities and achievements. The most frequent of these publications is ITAC e-Newsletter posted on ITAC webpage and sent via e-mail to companies, universities, and individuals. More details about ITAC achievements can be found in yearly publications such as ITAC Achievements Report and ITAC Impact Report.
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