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expand What are the objectives of the program?

Grow IT aims to improve local and international competitiveness of ICT companies in Egypt, and Enhance capacity building measures to achieve internal and external strategic growth.

Main Objectives are to assist the SMEs engaged companies to:

  • Serve their export markets more profitably, by helping them become more effective and efficient.
  • To develop and implement a business transformation program that enhances their competitive potential.
  • To identify, prioritize and select a suitable set of international best practices that once implemented improves their business management capabilities on strategic, operational, marketing and financial areas.

expand How is the program implemented? What is the methodology used?

The methodology is composed of a number of processes and analytical tools that cover 7 generic business areas: Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, Project Management, and Innovation management. Companies go through 3 phases of Assessment, Implementation and Post-Assessment to guarantee that KPIs are met and maturity growth is achieved in the implemented business upgrade plans. A pre-assessment phase precedes the start of the program to approve enterprises to receive the program services.

expand When is batch 3 expected to start?

The Pre-assessment of the program is expected to start in June 2015, followed by the assessment phase.

expand How can the company apply/register for the program?

The company can register online through ITIDA website by logging into – write down your user name and password and sign in to register in the program.

expand What is the profile of the consultants engaged?

Two consortiums of local consultancy firms are involved in implementing phase 3 of the GrowIT program.

  • The first one lead by CID:
    The CID consortium partners have served a multitude of ICT companies and have a strong understanding of their business and needs. Moreover CID Consulting was the exclusive local consortium member of GrowIT1 and helped dramatically improve the operational and strategic outlook of the ICT companies involved. This consortium targets Medium size enterprises.
  • The second one lead by Logic consulting:
    LOGIC Management Consulting” – the first of LOGIC Holding companies – was established with the aim of empowering companies to operate in an institutional fashion, adopt scientific approaches to planning, strategic management, talent management, and integrate successfully into the global value chain. This consortium targets Micro and Small size enterprises.

expand What is the duration of the program?

Once a company passes the pre-assessment phase, a contract is signed with ITIDA for the program execution. The actual consultancy services delivery takes around 4 months per each company on average.

expand What are the eligibility criteria of applying companies?

Participating companies should meet the following eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

  • More than 50% Egyptian owned.
  • Registered in ITIDA database.
  • Headquartered in Egypt.
  • A considerable list of customer references.
  • Availability of a high-level business plan that’s followed (On-Site Pre-assessment).
  • A Sustainable business model (On-Site Pre-assessment).
  • Enough human resources to implement the upgrade plans.
  • Innovating new products and services.
  • Serving multiple markets through multiple branches (Medium-sized enterprises only).

expand What is the cost of participation in the program?

ITIDA Subsidizes differently based on the company’s size as follows:

  • Micro: 90%
  • Small: 80%
  • Medium: 70%

The share of the enterprise is paid in two installments: 50% down-payment effective after signing the contract and at the start of the consultation services delivery.

Additionally, another 50% upon completion of the beneficiary company’s business upgrade plan and adjusted according to the exact number of days consumed.

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