ITIDA/Bedaya Partnership Program

Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) signed a cooperation protocol with Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Fund “Bedaya”. GAFI established Bedaya in accordance with provisions of Capital Market Law no. 95 for the year 1992. Bedaya is managed by the investment committee comprised of Cairo Financial Holding (CFH) and Al Ahly for Development and Investment (ADI).  

The protocol opens doors to finance ICT companies registered in ITIDA database, with a start of 25% allocated proportion of investment in ICT sector from Bedaya’s total capital that reaches 134 million Egyptian pounds. The agreement looks at providing funding for existing companies, newly founded or co-founded by Bedaya fund in the domestic market only.

Bedaya provides capital and technical expertise necessary to grow Egyptian Small and Medium enterprises. SMEs work as an engine of growth in the Egyptian economy and create sustainable employment opportunities all over the country. In light of the significant challenges faced in the local and international economy, SMEs appear as a strategic option to achieve continual development and job opportunities creation.

In this sequence; ITIDA provides the investment committee with necessary information and size of opportunity by financing ICT SMEs. ITIDA considers every angle of engagement with private equity and venture capital in parallel with ascertaining the essential function of SMEs in the economy.

Companies interested in applying for the program must be registered on ITIDA database.

For more information about the terms and conditions, and work flow, please check out the PDF files.

Companies interested in ITIDA/Bedaya Partnership Program are kindly requested to:

Indicate initial interest to join through ITIDA database. All interested companies are kindly requested to register their initial interest by checking the program box on ITIDA website as follow:

  • If you are not registered yet in ITIDA Database: please click here to become a member.
  • If you are already an ITIDA member, please login to ITIDA Database to indicate your initial interest.

Kindly note ITIDA acts as a project facilitator. Your registration is regarded as an initial application of interest and not a loan request.

For any inquiries, suggestions, comments, remarks, or concerns on the initiative, please contact ITIDA project management team via

*Equity Capital; also called Equity Financing or Share Capital, is invested money that, in contrast to debt capital, is not repaid to the investors in the normal course of business. It represents the risk capital staked by the owners through purchase of a company's common stock (ordinary shares).

The value of equity capital is computed by estimating the current market value of everything owned by the company from which the total of all liabilities is subtracted. On the balance sheet of the company, equity capital is listed as stockholders' equity or owners' equity.

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